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An Open Letter To Jeb Bush…

The Criminality of “Risk Takers” Who Act Out of “Love”


Dear Jeb:
As you contemplate a run for the White House in 2016 I want to proffer you a word of advice… DON’T. True American Conservatives don’t want you. We are tired of establishment GOP candidates that no longer represent the majority of America in a Constitutional or Spiritual realm.

Two weeks ago you gave a speech to a gathering of businessmen/women in which you claimed illegal, criminal aliens were “risk takers” who embraced the “spirit of entrepreneurship” by leaving their own country, their families, their desperate lives, ILLEGALLY crossing the border of a sovereign Nation. You followed up this statement by claiming criminal, illegal aliens chose this route out of an “act of love.” Let me just say Jeb, I agree with you… but not for the reasons you may think.

True the act of illegally entering this country is just a misdemeanor, and maybe in YOUR MIND not that serious of an issue, but an examination of the FACTS diminishes your justification. If we followed your logic, then a drug dealer is nothing more than an “unlicensed pharmacist” and a bank robber is really in essence a “venture capitalist.”

But what should concern you the most are the serious crimes committed once they find refuge in the United States ~ identity theft, fraudulent applications for employment, healthcare, e-Verify, housing and education… just to name a few. Equally important is the cost associated with illegal immigration, a burden carried by the states totaling more than $125 BILLION a year. I’m not even going to address the issue concerning the nearly $85 BILLION a year in untaxed wages sent BACK to their home countries, wages that should be paid to AMERICAN workers and NOT criminals.

You want to talk about the RISKS taken by illegal criminal aliens? What risk? Seriously. The only risk they take under this current administration is the actual illegal crossing into the United States… because once they are here, thanks of Obama, Holder and their liberal sympathizers, the RISK diminishes dramatically. The current political environment concerning amnesty and a weakening/lack of enforcement of our immigration laws virtually assures them they have nothing more to worry about. Even the current occupant of the Oval Office has stated publicly they have no fear of being deported if they sign up for ObamaCare or if they register “Democrat.” What RISK are we talking about Jeb? The risks they take when they commit crimes of rape, murder, arson, robbery? That make explain why in numerous counties across America, especially in California and other southern states, the state and local prisons are filled with illegal aliens who out of an “act of love” took a “risk” and committed crimes against society.

What these people truly represent are cowards… men and women who refuse to stand up and challenge their own corrupt government and leaders~ to risk everything to change the cesspools that make up the countries they come from. The illegal criminal alien breaching our borders come here to take advantage of the RISKS of Americans who stood in her defense to establish a free Nation “of the people, for the people, by the people,” all the while illegally accepting the economic benefits established through the hard work and sweat of Americans.

Nearly 240 years ago a small group of men took an incredible RISK by signing a document that would provide the foundation for the creation of the greatest Nation in the history of the world. That document, the Declaration of Independence, was essentially a death warrant for the Founding Fathers should their efforts to break from a tyrannical dictator fail. But it was a risk they were willing to endeavor.

Since that time Americans have accepted tremendous risks while defending this Nation. Many heroic individuals have given their lives in order to maintain her exceptionalism. I am reminded of a young Navy pilot, who during WWII, risked everything in order to stop Japanese Imperialism across the Pacific. It was during one of his missions to knockout a Japanese communications facility in Chimijima that he was shot down and narrowly escaped capture by the most sadistic Japanese military units. I wonder if you even remember that young man’s name? Let me refresh your memory… Navy Lieutenant George H. W. Bush. The exploits of your father, and so many like him, are recalled in the bestseller, “Flyboys.”

I’m reminded as well of another RISK TAKER… one who left his family and his life in a poor, rural community in Arkansas after joining the Marine Corps at the start of World War II. Shortly after basic training, he was stationed aboard the USS Argonne, docked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Four months later, his ship would be attacked by the Japanese Imperial Navy, and while escaping injury, he continued taking risks throughout the Pacific Theatre until the end of WWII. But it wouldn’t be long after that he would find himself once again defending against tyranny during the Korean War. After a tour in Vietnam in the early 1960’s, my father, First Sgt. Bernard B. Dean, retired after 31 years of service taking RISKS to defend this Nation and her people. There are countless stories of Americans who have taken selfless RISKS to secure our freedoms and liberties such as Jeremiah Denton, the American POW who risked his life to blink T-O-R-T-U-R-E in Morse code during a Vietnamese propaganda broadcast, or Marine Sergeant Dakota Meyers, the Nation’s youngest living recipient of the Medal of Honor, who RISKED his life numerous times to save 12 wounded friendlies and provide cover for another 24 Marines escaping near-certain capture in Afghanistan. This list could go on for quite some time but I believe these examples show TRUE “risk takers” who show the real sense of patriotism to their Nation.

To further the discussion, Jeb, let’s talk for a moment about the impact of illegal, criminal aliens in relationship to our economy. Our unemployment rate is outrageous. MILLIONS of LEGAL Americans are suffering from the lack of employment opportunities due to the influx of ILLEGALS! And please don’t give me the tired, old line about how they work the crops and perform jobs no one else is willing to take. Migrant farm workers represent less than .1% of the illegal workers in this country. The vast majority of the illegal population is involved in construction, food service and custodial industries, where pay ranges from $7.50 to $10 an hour, where much of the work is done under the table and never reported. I could mention as well the great many sitting in our Nation’s PRISONS serving sentences for OTHER RISKS they took once here, but I won’t go there. You get the point.

What’s interesting though Jeb, is that in a follow-up interview where you defined ILLEGAL CRIMINAL IMMIGRATION an “act of love,” you also stated that the cost of LEGAL immigration should NOT be higher than the cost of illegal immigration. Well I hate to burst your delusions, but it is EXACTLY that… and of this I speak from experience.

On September 15, 2004, I left the United States for England in preparation for my marriage to my English wife. We had planned to marry on October 11, “Columbus Day” ~ a Day of New Horizons and journey to a New World for her. It was our intention after filing for her Immigrant Visa to come to the States on our honeymoon on October 25 for two months then return to England to await her processing and interview at the American Embassy in London. Well Jeb, that just didn’t happen! On October 23, having shipped or sold everything in anticipation of our move, we were informed by U.S. Customs and Immigration that she was NOT allowed to travel to the States while she had an active visa request in process. The next 11 months of processing, filings, interviews and medical exams were a complete nightmare, to say the least. We finally sought the intervention of Chris Wallace, a Congressional aide for Arkansas Congressman Vic Synder, who assisted us every step of the way, against every roadblock possible. For 11 months we lived in a small flat in Newcastle, England with NOTHING except a futon sofa-bed, a microwave, a 13-inch black-and-white TV and our laptops. We had to buy fresh food and drink everyday as we had sold our refrigerator in anticipation of our move. I cooked on a charcoal grill nightly because we had sold our stove.

Let me make a long story short for you Jeb ~ on SEPTEMBER 15, 2005, one year to the day I arrived in England, we departed Newcastle for the United States. ONE YEAR OF MY LIFE and a cost of $85,000 to get my English wife here LEGALLY! The kicker is that had she flown to the States and we decided on the spur of the moment to get married here, she could have stayed in the U.S. the entire time, coming and going back to England as she pleased. One thing though that is now laughable ~ at every step of the immigration process we were told she was NOT eligible for ANY public assistance, housing/educational benefits or medical care… you know, the very same things every ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN are given the second they apply. So PLEASE… don’t talk to me about ILLEGAL CRIMINAL immigration and “acts of love” and “risk taking.”

What concerns me too, Jeb, is your support of Common Core, one of the most destructive educational developments since the establishment of the Department of Education. By taking this stance, you have alienated yourself to a whole new segment of American society who refuses to allow their children to be indoctrinated by the government. Common Core represents the complete dumbing down of American children and the destruction of individualism within our public schools. It’s sad to believe that in America, where we once taught Latin and Calculus in high school, we’re now teaching remedial English and Elementary Mathematics in college.

As I stated in the beginning of my letter, if you are considering a run for the White House in 2016, don’t do it. You will be wasting your time and exploiting valuable resources that could be used to elect a true Conservative American. I can assure you I will not offer you my support or vote. And I can reasonably assure you neither will some 40 million of my friends.


Robert P. Dean USMC
The American Patriot Alliance

  • Anonymous

    Robert, Salutations. I hope that youll remember me…. I had to start over with my facebook and delete that account and start a new one. Things got messed up because trying fb Timeline. I got a new account, with the same format that I originally had when I first signed up for fb a few months ago. Its me; Jimmyl; US Army Vet. We were on each others Friends List. I’ve tried to get your attention & Ive sent you A new Friend Request already, but with no success. I hope it isnt because youre denying it. I wouldnt think it is. I hope that all is well with you https://www.facebook.com/TopCatVet If you care to, please acknowledge. Thankyou & God Bless You & Yours Sir. respectfully, jimmy

  • Joe

    Roberts Philip Dean, take a prize for the letter to the IRS. It says in the opening caption that it is a ruse. Is this so? Because wouldn’t it be great if thousands — millions — of taxpayers simultaneously sent in the same letter, and banded together so that when the first IRS arrest was tried, we’d surround the situation and scare off the gumming! Since John Boehner hasn’t the courage or integrity to stop the government, we’d do it! All non-violent, too!

  • Joe

    I meant “gummint”

  • flavius_maximus

    Mr. Philips your letter to Ms. Valerie Jarret was inspiring and exposed the hypocrisy of the liberal mindset and the traitors that infest the White House. Clearly your letter is a modern day Manifesto for all that is wrong with Obama and nest of vipers that have seized control of our government. Let us hope that our weapons are not rusty and that they will not be needed to defend liberty and justice once again upon our shores and lands, but if called; be assured patriots will answer the call to freedoms cry.

  • Tom

    As you could not deal with anybody who disagrees with you on the Patriot Alliance site, I will respond here. You and others, who think that they will take on the U.S. government, are caught up in delusions of grandeur. If you have made your peace, as you say, and want to give up your life, take your own life and leave everybody else out of it. The Militia Act of 1792 gave George Washington the authority to march 13,000 militia men to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. Insurrection is not patriotism.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.dean007 Robert Dean

      First of all Tom, defending the Constitution, LIMITING government to their original purpose and scope, is NOT insurrection. Please educate yourself on the difference. Secondly, the whiskey rebellion was quite different than defending an ENTIRE NATION against tyranny and repression. Again, learn the difference.

      The goal of the American Patriot Alliance is to keep checks and balances on the federal government with respect to overreach, abuse, tyranny and subversion. It’s quite obvious from other comments you’ve made both here and on our face Book pages that you are nothing short of a coward sheeple who believes the government knows more than you and can do better taking care of YOU than YOU can. please keep believing that, and as I stated earlier in another post, if you’re not willing to stand up for America, GTF outta the way for those of us who are!

    • Dan MacRae

      Tom obviously has more important things to do that stop government from destroying what remains of our country. He is one of the many millions who only cares about himself, and will happily stay in his ever-shrinking slice of paradise, until the experiment is declared over and America is no more. Or maybe it is until the day his welfare check stops coming. You are what is wrong with this country, and what enables the criminals in Washington, DC to continue their plunder.

  • Katy Henderson

    The last American Patriot poll estimated way over 133 million Americans are ready, willing, and able to defend Liberty and Justice for all. And many more are waking up daily seeing what is taking place inside America. The word is out on the street far and wide about obama and valerie jarrett arming up DHS and UN and Foreign Troops training to take on the American People when Obama gives the go during the next “National Emergency” Martial Law Lockdown. The average joe on the street is waking up to the Potus police state and New World Order Bankers plans to destroy America via whatever means necessary to create their NWO. Make no mistakes however, it is not just the muslim, but all the recent presidents too, passing executive orders to usurp the US Constitution and your freedoms and liberties for their grand scheme New World Order first mentioned by bush sr on Sept 11, 1991. And the date was no mistake for their ritual minds.

    Henry Kissinger, war criminal, stated of the extreme radical socialist Obama the muslim put into position for their use, “When really, he (the muslim ) can create a NWO.” They have been planning this for a very long time. Hence, the muslim extremely radical socialist obama fit perfect for their plans to lockdown America. And obtained their full support and Media propaganda News tools to promote and coverup in order to fulfill the role he shall play out for them. The Derivatives bubble of 600 Trillion dollars may well be the next catalyst to destroy the Federals fiat dollar and petrol dollar or another government staged false flag. Either way they intend to incite riots, civil unrest, hunger and CHAOS world wide and especially in America to lock her down under Martial Law and grab the guns and lockup any who oppose them in their “NDAA INTERNMENT PRISONS” built all across the nation. And then out of the ashes will arise their planned New World Order Dictatorship wherein ‘they’ rule via a feudalistic type tyranny the likes which we have never seen before.

    As one of the most widely known American traitors, David Rockefeller stated, ”

    We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 YEARS……

    It would have been impossible for us to DEVELOP OUR PLAN FOR THE WORLD if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.

    But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march TOWARDS A WORLD GOVERNMENT. The supranational sovereignty OF AN INTELLECTUAL ELITE and WORLD BANKERS is surely PREFERABLE to THE NATIONAL autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

    ― David Rockefeller in a speech at the HIGHLY SECRET and Special INVITATION ONLY Bilderberger Meeting, Baden, Germany, June 1991.

    They look at America as the eagle/PHOENIX, the rare mystical bird which DESTROYS ITSELF and LATER RETURNS FROM THE ASHES OF ITS OWN DESTRUCTION AS A “NEW” BIRD. See America’s Secret Destiny.

    Additionally, the “UNITED Nations” formerly called the League of Nations but failed -and like the Phoenix returned- under a new name/guise this UN, United Nations that obama the muslim is now obeying orders from– is also very much associated with the LUCIFER/LUCIS TRUST. The New Age- Old World Mystic Religion is based upon WORSHIPPING LUCIFER himself. Who still strives to place his throne higher than and above the most HIGH, GOD. It is truly an age old struggle we are in. Believe it or not, but either way you will see if you live through all the chaos they have planned. They didn’t put that on their own currency for no reason. It’s all right there, the whole plan in code.

    The UN and Lucis Trust and many of the worlds cult leaders and rulers meet in many secret meetings plotting and planning the worlds descent into CHAOS so that upon the ashes of its remains, in particular America’s, they can raise their New World Order and place Lucifer himself upon the worlds throne as the worlds ‘teacher’ or maitreya or whatever name they give him to deceive and convince the multitudes to take the number of his name in order to buy or sale, most likely using a subdermal bio RFID chip like the one out from verichip. See the Report from Iron Mountain about all the planned wars and a fake alien invasion, along with president Reagan’s speech about how perhaps the world needs an “alien invasion or threat” to unite the world.” These presidents speeches are very revealing if you know what to catch and are awake and paying attention. We were warned about these days and troubles to come…Jacob’s troubles and the beginning of sorrows.

    The all seeing eye and the hand signals these cult people all flash is their code among themselves along with their propaganda machines, their celebrity HOSTS-STARS and IDOLS (as in heavenly hosts references before your sleeping eyes) also promote and flash the same hand signs and all seeing eye of “hidden sacred knowledge”. Never forget the warnings in the Word of God to not be deceived by any means…not by angels or ALIENS or Project Blue Beam holographic spaceships or ‘real’ ones. And certainly not by their slave celebrities promoting their agenda. You may not believe in the word of God, but I can assure you that they do and so does lucifer the one they worship. I’m not saying they all do, but they most certainly are promoting the agenda whether they know it or not and including themselves among their numbers by promoting him and the agenda.

    KJV Ephesians 6:12~

    For we war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD, and against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in HIGH PLACES.

    They think to put lucifer on the throne of the New World Order. IF that isn’t SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS In HIgh Places, I don’t know what is. And they are increasingly becoming more open about who they worship too. They currently ARE the Rulers of Darkness of this World, and surely there is much more sinister things going on behind the curtain that is NOT flesh and blood that they worship. Check out Bohemian Grove where all the worlds rulers meet and practice spiritual wickedness and old rituals to their strange gods, gods our fathers did not know.

    Make no mistake, there are very sinister things going on for the bid of America and Agenda 21 and New World Order out of Chaos goals- along with Jerusalem the holy city and the throne of David and her real people, the apple of Gods eye in whom the whole world will be at war against except the saints and the Lord Jesus Christ’s true followers. Many groups are involved at the highest levels and warring against each other too. Do not be deceived, research all of this and more and help spread the info along to as many people and patriots as possible- and by all means PREPARE. Cache large amounts of food, water, vitamins, fuel, non-gmo seeds, medicines, ammo and weapons for starters. They intend to STARVE US ALL OUT and INTO THEIR FEMA CAMPS as admitted by insiders.

    Those of you who are able to, prepare and store up as much as you can for yourselves and extra for other patriots. Hide nothing in metal or it will be discovered by metal detectors. Do not put all your eggs in one basket and plan for additional people to join you. There is a battle going on for your soul, not just your mind. They are planning to ignite the world in another great war and fire and utter CHAOS. IF you are not prepared to be starved out, you will suffer or worse, be sent to one of their camps and many suggest some of them are not just labor camps but are equipped with gas chambers and other horrible things. They want this mess and chaos and it wouldn’t take much today to start it all. American’s must be brave and strong and prepare for whatever they plan to throw at them. The Executive Orders for NDAA Internment Camps aka Fema Camps and MASS GRAVES and Caskets are all real. People have confirmed the many postings online warning the American People, despite the many attempts by government agents of leaking mis-information for their puppet masters of illusion. The truth is there and you can find it easily enough now as so many warnings are out from true American patriots loyal to the American people. Tanks are being brought inside the country and strategically located and some are hiding out behind rail car just out of view of public, and there are many videos on YT now filming them rolling in all across the country. All the urban warfare drills with foreign troops being conducted inside country because they are for the American people. Many large cities are being buzzed by helicopters during such drills with no warnings…and many reports of russian troops in Colorado who may have set all the recent fires which caused thousands of people to be evacuated out of the area while they did whatever else they were up to. Look this up people. All of this information can be confirmed easily enough by simple searches.

    The ONLY reason to attempt to disarm the American people is to make it easier on themselves when the SHTF. As Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot have all practiced in one form or another, they ALL agree, the first step to TYRANNY is disarming and outlawing weapons in the hands of those you intend to overthrow. America has been betrayed from within. You have all been lied to and it never mattered who you thought you voted for, they always got their man in office, don’t you see? Nearly all the recent presidents past and current are working together for the same elite bankers Rockefeller spoke of. No one gets into a high ranking position unless they are serving the banksters interests and are approved by the order and Bilderberg attendees. Many or most of the worlds leaders are calling for the same New World Order, Global Government and ARE working in secret to initiate the plans back in their respective home countries and nearly all are bringing us nearer to WW3. The whole worlds a STAGE. And when we have wars, they are THEATERS of WAR. Get it? See through the smog and open your eyes to their MAGIC, they are masters of ILLUSION. They do not care if the whole worlds on fire- they will be hiding out in luxurious safety and allowing others to do their dirty work and kill or be killed, so what do they care what happens to their slaves, as long as they themselves are provided for. That is their reasoning.

    Always its the puppets and not the masters of deception who die for the masters cause. Do what thy will shall be the whole of the law. Aleister Crowley Satanist and Albert Pike and Alice Bailey all worshipers of lucifer and this is the “rulers of this world, the rulers of Darkness’s” god too, whom they are setting up the world stage for, so that he can enter in and “save” us all…Do NOT be deceived. For when they say ‘peace. peace and safety” sudden destruction comes upon them suddenly.

    Pay attention people and be prepared for whatever they are going to do, just know its NOT in your best interests. Hence all the Executive Orders to subvert the US Constitution and destroy it. You have heard them All openly calling for a New World Order. Well this is what it is. And the Executive Orders they have put in place makes them think they can do away with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and then proceed to do as they wish to all of us– under their planned “state of emergency” whatever it may be, in whatever form they may use. Its easy to see the writing on the wall when you connect all the dots. Two and two still equals four and this is what is adding up. ALL the recent presidents have been incrementally bringing America along down this course with those laws for one and the same goal! To be able to do away with your right to counsel and a trial of your pears should you be accused of a crime–habeas corpus gone. Allowing the military and their DHS and TSA and FOREIGN TROOPS and UN TROOPS and Even International Police onto the STREETS of America in future under some ‘State of National Emergency” by taking away the Posse Comitatus Act preventing that. And making laws for a COMPLETE INFRASTRUCTURE TAKE OVER BY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, the Utilities, Food, Water, Transportation etc… all implemented. They have left nothing out.

    And This should have become very obvious with George W’s Patriots Acts, and then Obama’s NDAA. All one has to do is go read all the new Executive Orders and open their eyes. All these laws attempt to subvert the US Constitution by Executive Orders. However, those EO laws cannot actually do away with that document because it trumps their laws and IS the supreme law of the land, but they do not want you to know that. The US Constitution is a piece of paper REITERATING your God Given Rights to life liberty and FREEDOM! No one or no law can take away Gods laws!

    You are NOT their cattle by way of a piece of paper! Never forget that. Therefore no matter what piece of paper law they try to invent to do away with our liberty and freedom, it canNOT be done nor taken from us, unless WE allow it! They ARE outmatched!! They know this, but they are hoping that you do not know this. For if you should wake up and realize all the power truly rests with The People, then nothing can be taken from you unless you allow it. Sure you may have to fight to remain free, but that is always the cost of freedom when tyranny is set in motion and it is way in motion now. Unite and be strong and hold fast to what faith you have, you will need it and each other, therefore, never let em see you sweat. They ARE outmatched and have awoken a sleeping giant, The American People!

    It appears that, according to many credible reports, whatever “CHAOS” is coming our way, they are preparing for the people to be PIZZD and Hungry and RIOTING and very UPSET. Perhaps from all the Banker FRAUD and THIEVING or when the dollar crashes and you cannot feed your kids and family and the banks are closed. They may allow some CHAOS until the People CRY OUT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO SAVE THEM FROM THE MADNESS THEY CREATED, and WOAH WOAH THEN. For then shall the people have fallen right into their TRAP. Just as planned…making you think it was all your idea and perhaps its necessary to have the DHS and MILITARY in the STREETS of AMERICA to RETURN some semblance of ORDER. Woah Woah is then, for they will then do as all TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENTS DO–BREAKING IN DOORS and YANKING PEOPLE OUT IN THE STREETS AND MAKING EXAMPLES OF THEM. PERIMETERS LOCKDOWN AND CURFEWS AND PEOPLE MISSING NEVER TO BE SEEN OR HEARD FROM AGAIN. WELCOME AMERICA, to the NEW WORLD ORDER POLICE STATE. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. Sshhh do not let them hear you cry out–how did we ever allow this to happen here….Beware America what you ask for. The HOLOCAUST HAPPENED TO PEOPLE LIKE US. watch the YT video of the same name.

    God Speed America~

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