This morning I was absolutely APPALLED to come across an article showing a “NEW ITEM” for sale on the Narcissist-In-Chief’s official campaign website,, which depicts the American Flag in an artsy kinda way with ONE SERIOUS PROBLEM… the Blue Field of Stars representing the 50 United States has been replaced with the Obama 2012 campaign logo, one of the most despicable acts yet so far in a campaign that continues to sink to new levels of arrogance. But this is not the FIRST time Obama has delved into the depths of disgust. Previously, Obama’s campaign handlers replaced an exact replica of the American Flag with his own portrait in the Blue Field, and has since released another showing a map of the United States with the same red and white stripes and again his logo in the upper left-hand corner.

The new flag, produced by Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson of Studio MPLS, is limited to 250 customers. Each 24” x 36” flag is hand-numbered and reportedly made in the USA.

The Obama campaign has been wrought with criticism from the launch of their African-American’s for Obama to their ‘Wedding Registry’ to their ‘Give-Up-A-Meal’ campaigns, all intended to solicit more contributions to his re-election bid. You almost have to admire their audacity. However, this new ploy is, without reservation, one of the most vain, arrogant and despicable ventures yet. It shows once again his complete lack of respect for this Nation and it’s symbols, and it absolutely reminds us of the only other person in history to have his own symbol and flag… Adolph Hitler. In the meantime…

The American Patriot Alliance is calling on all members, supporters and Patriots who believe this an act of despicable, blatant disrespect for the American Flag and the country as a whole to join us in celebrating “BURN, BARRY, BURN!” from September 23 through September 25. During that time, we ask all Americans to print and burn the Obama flags and show the country we will NOT tolerate such treasonous disrespect for our Nation, her symbols, her traditions and her people.

A copy of the double-sided flag has been provided by ‘.pdf’ file HERE. The single-side full page flag is HERE.
This will provide you with an already formatted double-sided
flag you can print off and burn. The margins are preset at
one-half inch and will work with most printers.

We would also like to ask anyone who does participate in the
event to either photograph the burning embers or send us a video to the following email:

This is the time America. We can not stand idly by and watch our Nation and our freedoms disappear under the narcissistic “dictatorship” of Barack Hussein Obama. More than anything this is a slap in the face to every American who has struggled, sacrificed, fought and died to keep this country free. We will NOT go quietly. We will NOT sit down. We will NOT shut up and We will NOT submit! EVER! BURN, BABY, BURN!

God bless you all. God bless America. Semper Fi!

  • Tina Estochin Hull

    Thanks so much!!!! I printed 3 to burn. You’re great. I appreciate all you do and thank you for your selfless service.

  • wake up

    Romney’s Company Forces U.S. Flag to Be Lowered in Illinois and the Chinese Flag Raised – If Mitt Romney is elected president, the American flag itself may actually be restricted from flying in the United States.

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